Friday, November 20, 2009

Day 2

Here we go again. In the first two photos, the second half of this section is ready for pickets, so we start cutting pickets. In the next two shots all the pickets have been cut and debured, now we can install them and weld them in place. In the last two pictures we stand the fence up and install the post caps, then we can stand back and see how it looks, and see if there are any corrections or alterations that we want to make. Click the pics for a better look.

Sunday, November 15, 2009

Jerome's Fence

The project has commenced! Here are a couple of pictures of bundled materials. The pic on the left is the pickets that Jerome picked out and on the right is the punched c-channel that the pickets will slide through. The next couple of pictures are of Matt and I cutting three inch square tubing into fence posts. In these last two pictures you will see that the c-channel is welded to the posts and that the holes are awaiting their pickets , then we have a shot of the pickets and post caps installed and welded in place. This panel is sixteen feet long and is one of four panels that we are going to build. Two of the panels are going to bolt together to make the thirty two foot run that starts at the corner and runs up to the walkway, another panel will run between the walkway and the driveway, and the panel that you see in the picture is going to run from the driveway to the property line. Please click on the pictures for a closer look.