Sunday, September 5, 2010

Church Sign

Lately my efforts have been aimed at a new sign for Bethel United Methodist Church, and I have run into several snags. While there are several plasma tables in the Alexandria La area, all of them are owned by companies that deal in industrial contracts. These companies are either unable or unwilling to take on a small job such as mine, and I can't say as I blame them. You see it may take any where from four to twenty hours or more to create a digital pathway or picture that the plasma machine can use as a template to perform its job. A company can spend that amount of time to create one product for me and get paid once, or they can spend that same amount of time to create that product for an industrial application and get paid hundreds or thousands of times. Well you ask, how is the small guy or the individual supposed to get his plasma cutting needs met in Alexandria? Good question! I think I may have to invest in a plasma table. Here is a picture of the old sign, and as soon as I can get the parts I need for the new sign I will post more. Thanks and I'll talk to you soon!