Saturday, July 23, 2011

Cake Topper

Today I built a cake topper. The customer wanted it to have two hearts pieced together from assorted pieces of metal. The picture that I had to go off of had kind of a grungy steam punk look to it . In the first pic you can see the individual hearts, and in the second pic is the two hearts joined together and installed onto the stand. The stand is a 5" dia plate. All of the pieces are cut from a silver plated platter and the rivets that you see are 3/32" dia solid rivets just like the ones that are used on aircraft. I told her to let it tarnish until a couple of days before the wedding and then give it a light polish so that you get that shiny silver color with the black accents around the rivets. I like the way it turned out. As always click on the pics for a larger view.

Sunday, May 8, 2011


This is our latest project, an awning to keep the rain off our customer as she enters her back door. In the first pic you can see the frame that gives the skin its shape. The back that attaches to the house is 1"angel iron, the rest of the frame is 1/4" round bar ,and the skin is 18 gauge sheet steel. We cut the scallops with aviation snips and welded the two Fluer-di-lis onto a short piece of round bar that protruded from either front corner. We polished the entire thing and applied a metal primer. I will post more pics as we paint and install the piece. At the bottom is a bonus pic of Matt that I am sure everyone will enjoy. Please click on any of the pics for a better view.

Sunday, February 20, 2011

Pollock Memorial

The Town of Pollock contacted me about building a fence around the memorial next to town hall. The Mayor decided on a prefab fence and Matt and I installed it. The fence went together fairly well and I am happy with the results, even though I'm never happy to deal with concrete. Here are some pictures, one of us assembling the fence panels and one of the finished product. As always click the pic for a larger view.

Monday, November 29, 2010

First Clock

I used a little oval dish for this clock, it went together fairly easily. I had the intention of numbering it, but I felt that the little gold colored plastic numbers that came with the clock action would detract from the over all look of the piece. As you can see the rose embellishment is located in place of the numbers 12, 3, 6, and 9 ...... hopefully the roses will serve as enough of an indicator that you could tell the time by this clock. Otherwise whats the point? You can click on the pic for a larger view

Tilted Wind Chime

This little chime utilizes an oval dish set on an angle so that the chimes hang in a circle. The chimes are 1 " aluminum tubing and the clackers are skeleton keys. I like the way this one turned out even though the picture doesn't do it justice. Tell me what you think, and as always click on the pic for a larger view.

Tuesday, November 23, 2010

Mini Bike

Well this is the completed mini bike. Just covered the seat about an hour ago and mounted it. That was the last thing to do on the bike and now it is done. Since the last post I completely tore down the frame, cleaned and painted it, Then I started on the engine. That is where I ran into some trouble. The engine that was on the frame was shot, so I went and got a 5 hp briggs from the junkyard and rebuilt it. Once it was running I tried to fit it on the frame, the new motor was too tall! So I went to harbor freight and bought this Honda clone 2 1/2 hp motor. Now I have a extra motor in the shop, Darn!
I ordered a new centrifugal clutch, chain, sprocket, and twist throttle, and put the little bike together. I have ridden it around my driveway and the bike pulled me around,(although I am sure I looked like a Shriner in a parade)! I think the nephews will enjoy it.

Saturday, October 16, 2010

Mini Bike

I was at the local flea market/junk yard the other day and I came upon this mini bike. I asked the guy how much, and he said 25 bucks. I paid him and loaded it into my truck.
Now to most people, all they see is a non running motor and a few worthless scraps of frame tubing. If you have ever met me then you know that I love to mess with things with motors that you can ride in/on. I see a good project.
I have a nephew (or two or three) that will get a kick out of this thing.
More posts and pics to come as I rebuild it!