Tuesday, November 23, 2010

Mini Bike

Well this is the completed mini bike. Just covered the seat about an hour ago and mounted it. That was the last thing to do on the bike and now it is done. Since the last post I completely tore down the frame, cleaned and painted it, Then I started on the engine. That is where I ran into some trouble. The engine that was on the frame was shot, so I went and got a 5 hp briggs from the junkyard and rebuilt it. Once it was running I tried to fit it on the frame, the new motor was too tall! So I went to harbor freight and bought this Honda clone 2 1/2 hp motor. Now I have a extra motor in the shop, Darn!
I ordered a new centrifugal clutch, chain, sprocket, and twist throttle, and put the little bike together. I have ridden it around my driveway and the bike pulled me around,(although I am sure I looked like a Shriner in a parade)! I think the nephews will enjoy it.


Pawpaw said...

Looks great! Good job.

Melissa said...


Barrett said...

Ooooo I cant wait to see the boys response. I think that they will enjoy it, but Quinton has been asking about a motorcycle for a while now