Saturday, July 23, 2011

Cake Topper

Today I built a cake topper. The customer wanted it to have two hearts pieced together from assorted pieces of metal. The picture that I had to go off of had kind of a grungy steam punk look to it . In the first pic you can see the individual hearts, and in the second pic is the two hearts joined together and installed onto the stand. The stand is a 5" dia plate. All of the pieces are cut from a silver plated platter and the rivets that you see are 3/32" dia solid rivets just like the ones that are used on aircraft. I told her to let it tarnish until a couple of days before the wedding and then give it a light polish so that you get that shiny silver color with the black accents around the rivets. I like the way it turned out. As always click on the pics for a larger view.