Friday, June 25, 2010


A few weeks ago I went to the new gun range with PawPaw. This range has capabilities to shoot out to 300 yds. As I was putting a target up at 200 I noticed a metal swing type target. It was the only one on the range, But I would have liked one at 300 yds. PawPaw talked to the range master, and he said if we bring one he would let us put it up.
The other day I went to my local metal supplier and asked if they could cut some circles for me on the plasma table. The guy said "Sure, How thick, and how big." I got him to cut out 2 each of 9,6,and 3 inch diameter, 1 inch thick mild steel plates.
Today I Knocked together 2 sawhorses, welded chain to my plates, and put it all together. I think they will get alot of use!

Sunday, June 6, 2010


Sorry its been a while! The last couple of months I have been busy doing things that needed to be done, however none of these things were projects. This is a projects page and so I'm not going to write about mowing grass or the cute things my children have done, thats not to say that some of those things aren't noteworthy, just that this isn't the forum for those subjects. I would like to say I'm sorry and please bear with me. Now for the latest in Dezendorf Fabrication news: Matt and I ordered and received our new tubing bender and notcher, and I have several new projects in the works! Stay tuned and in the next couple of weeks and we will have some new material for you to checkout.

Thanks alot and I'll see ya soon,